Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Weekend, So what does that mean? For some it means chocolate hearts and flowers and for others it means feeling alone and isolated.  I have always said that it’s ridiculous that there is one day where it’s expected for someone to show their love. You should demonstrate your love, like, admiration, whatever you want to call it, EVERY DAY.

During COVID, more and more couples have had a chance to slow down and reassess their relationship and some have not fared well, but others have.  I have always told my clients that relationships take work, no matter whether it’s a friendship or love relationship.  In marriages, it’s daily work. You have to put the work in to get the results you want.  If you want a relationship that is loving and intimate, then you have to work at those things.

We forget the things we did to get the person we are with: whether it was bringing them flowers, late night talks, cooking them dinner, etc.  Why do these things have to stop just because you made a commitment to each other?  THEY SHOULD NOT! Keep the kindling smoldering. 

So, for those that are in relationships, have a conversation with your significant other to see how you can make your relationship better.  What are things that each of you need and want from each other and how are you both going to work on those things.

For those who are not in relationships, take stock of what you are looking for in a relationship.  The idea of wanting to find someone to complete you is a fallacy.  You need to be complete within yourself.  So, what does this mean?  It means that you should feel confident in what you bring to the table.  Are you happy with who you are and where you are going?  You attract what you put out.

If the last year has taught all of us anything, it is that tomorrow is not promised to any of us.  We need to tell the people (friends, significant others, family, etc.) in our lives every chance we get that we love them and not save it for February 14th

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